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3 Difference Wireless headphone between i7s vs i11 vs i12 vs i80 TWS gps and rename Earbuds vs Airpod

Wireless headphone

Wireless headphone

There are several important factors where you can easily distinguish between i11 Tws earbuds vs i7s TWS airpod or i7 mini TWS wireless headphones

  • Size: I7 earbuds are quite bigger than i11. The charging case and earpiece size is easily distinguish between both. Most of beginners buy i7s or i11 – therefore, it gives quite good satisfaction to buy and great sound in this range Wireless headphone
  • Sound quality: If you compare i11 with i12 tws: you could find and buy at Apex innovative wholesale inc. the i11 and i12 TWS earbuds, but if you ask us who is better then each other we definitely say i12 TWS is better in sound quality and features like touch control and quick popup features. The size and price are almost close. If you touch button lover we recommend you to buy i12. Its small in size, the color of case is matt finish and feel more comfortable while wearing it for long hours as compare to i11 Wireless headphone
  • Material and Better Quality: If you compare i12 vs i80 TWS:  There is no comparison between I80 TWS vs i12 TWS. I80 Feels you high quality product when you hold it, it gives you faster popup connect. I80 TWS has real battery status. It has wireless charging case. It has GPS and Rename Option. And if you compare the price it worth it. I12 TWS is also very good airpod if you compare it with i11 or i7s Wireless headphone.
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