Front Camera for Iphone – 6 | 6plus | 6s | 6s plus | 7 | 7plus |8 |8plus

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Perfect fix all your front camera issue


Front Camera for Iphone
Perfectly fix the following issues:

(1) The phone has no sound after the screen is opened.

(2) The screen does not automatically black out when you make a phone call.

(3)Front camera turns on black screen without image.

(4) No response when calling Siri.

(5)The other party can’t hear us during the video call.

(6)The screen cannot automatically adjust the brightness.

For LCD assembly


Additional information

Mobile Phone Models

Iphone 6, Iphone 6 plus, Iphone 6s, Iphone 6s plus, Iphone 7, Iphone 7 plus, Iphone 8, Iphone 8 plus


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