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Extraordinary Feature:

  • Wifi – one-click connection – Easy to connect with your router in a few clicks you will be successful to configure it.
  • Intelligent motion detection – follow where you go This Camera has a unique feature it not only detects body motion but also follows and finds the movement and records it for you or alerts you about it
  • TF Card Recording – free app with Powerful features If you want to record all motion detection This camera has two options for video storage – one cloud (monthly paid) or you can buy TF Card – The 32gb Apex innovative technology card price is 20$
  • Two-way audio communication: You can communicate through this camera as you communicate as a webcam it includes a microphone and speaker so easy to explain what should be where!
  • Pan and Tilt (Automatic and Manual): You can move the camera angle manually through your mobile phone but also it has an automatic motion detection pan and tilt option so it covers all angle
  • Clear Night Vision: It works even completely dark – it works with clear night vision
  • Full HD clear video: clear Full HD video at so low price with high resolution with a clear picture
  • Cloud storage – an option with a free trial – Cloud storage trial is optional
  • Mobile view – live – if you do not want to store your recording no worry – you still can use this camera – because it has the live streaming feature.
  • Free App for iPhone and Android – The completely free app you can download on Android phone or iPhone – if you subscribe to the cloud then you need to pay a monthly fee, but if you use an Apex innovative technology U3 class 10 TF card you don’t need a to pay any monthly charges
  • Support up to 128gb sd card- Normally security camera supports a 32 GB Memory card maximum – This high-quality camera support unto 128gb TF card – so a big memory card is more fun!
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  • facebook.com/apexinnovative.com

Apex Innovative Technology is efficiently providing you with Security Cameras. It secures your home, apartment, yard, property, business, etc at a very affordable price. If you want to know more about our security cameras please click this link

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