Safety Solution

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Safety Solution

Mobile Phone

There is a number of reasons why you accidentally get broken your mobile phone. Most of the cases, you are communicating and unconsciously drop your phone or running and workout or doing delivery food or playing sports or hanging out with your friends and family. Survey shows in winter or summer, your phone can be slipped and can be broken. Which costs lots of money sometime equal to a brand-new phone.

Screen Protector Tempered Glass

Most people do not understand spending a few extra dollars can give physical protection, and it can save lots of money. Besides it is the same thing, as you lock your door with a key. It doesn’t cost you too much. You can save your cash and valuable things.

Nowadays, screen protector is very inexpensive you can easily buy good tempered glass at a regular price of 10$ to 25$. same as you can find good quality shockproof slim or defender cases between 10$ to 20$. from local suppliers in Canada.

Mobile Phone Repairing – Crack Screen of iPhone

Survey shows if your mobile phone screen cracks, you can make it fixed between 35$ to 100$ or more in your local area for iPhone 5 to iPhone 8 plus and more if you have a different mobile phone. Fixing the Samsung screen is more expensive as compared to other brands. It is highly recommended to use a screen protector on it

If you are an athlete or daily go to the gym or run or jog, there are affordable armbands available from your local supplier where you can buy good quality stuff. The advantage of an Armband is “you can keep saving your mobile”. You can keep your credit card, home, and car keys with you during workouts or in action.

Apex Innovative Wholesale Inc. – Wholesale Products Pro

Apex Innovative Wholesale Inc. loves to fulfill all your protection needs at an affordable price. We have an online secure website where we loaded lots of items that provide different protection and security in your life.

Competitive Price | Excellence of Goods | Best Customer Service

Security Camera

  1. Apex Innovative Technology is efficiently providing you with Security Camera. It secures your home, apartment, yard, property, business, etc at a very affordable price. If you want to know more about our security cameras please click this link

Dash Camera

It is a trip recording device. The main purpose of the vehicle recording device is to keep you protected from the vulnerability activity of strangers. (We recommend all drivers who especially do ride-sharing or delivery to buy this important device of the vehicle. Because these drivers are always on the road, they have more chances of incidents than others. If you want to know more about our security cameras please click this link

Dash Cam Dashboard Recording wifi connect

Screen Protector Tempered Glass

Tempered glass protects you from screen cracks and saves you lots of money. If you want to know more about our dash cameras please click this link

Shockproof Mobile Casing

if you are not habitual of the mobile drop, we recommend you buy a slim shockproof mobile case. It looks slim and easy to put on! if you always drop your phone, or your children throw your phone lots! we suggest you buy a defender case. If you want to know more about our shockproof mobile casing please click this link

Beanie hats and Scarf

Apex Innovative Fashion provides a scarf or beanie hat. They protect you and your skin. It saves you from cold, or warm weather. If you want to know more about our beanie hats and scarf please click this link

Memory Cards

Memory cards save your memories and evidence. If you want to know more about our Memory Cards please click this link

Car Charger

It protects your devices from over-voltage. You can easily share your vehicle with free electricity for your family and friends. result in your relationship being built. You will enjoy your trips if you drive! Trust me! sometimes this little thing makes your life better. If you want to know more about our car charger please click this link

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