wifi security camera Indoor 1080p Security Camera, Auto Tracking, Night Vision

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Wifi Security Camera Indoor WiFi 1080p Camera with extraordinary features


Indoor WiFi Security Camera

  • Wifi one-click connection:

    • Easy to install this camera by yourself
    • No need for an expensive technician for installation
  • Intelligent Motion Object Tracking

    • Follow where you go
    • The camera keep the focus on moving the body
    • Automatically do pan and tilt, because it follows where motion object is moving around
    • Motion object can be human, animal, etc
  • TF Card Recording:

    • Free app with Powerful feature
    • No monthly charges for the footage storage
    • Memory card store all footage and delete the old video and keep recording new footage


  • Two-way audio communication:

    • You can listen to voice around a camera because it has a builtin microphone
    • You can communicate them by your mobile phone app free of cost, because of a free app


  • Pan and Tilt:

    • Automatic and Manual  adjustment of vertical, horizontal angle of camera movement
    • This camera can move 360 horizontally and 90 degrees vertically via mobile phone
    • All corner is in your surveillance, because of pan and tilt
  • Clear Night Vision:

    • This camera sees even the human eye can’t able to see, because of night vision lights
    • Even in completely dark camera capture video, when night vision function on
    • You can see live streaming in black and white colors on your mobile phone


  • Full HD clear video (1080p):

    • Clear images when you do live streaming or watch recorded video from the app


  • Cloud storage:

    • Enjoy a 1-month free  trial cloud storage
    • If you subscribe to monthly cloud storage you can also use this camera for Alexa
  • Mobile view:

    •  You can view live streaming or recorded video
    • Mobile view via any device like a mobile phone by using a free app or website


  • Free App for iPhone and Android:

    • No Monthly subscription or downloading charges when you use Ycc365 plus app
    • Its completely compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices


  • Support up to 128GB sd card:

    • Most security camera support only 32GB memory card, but this camera support more
    • Support up to 128GB memory card – more footage stored


  • Alert Area Selection:

    • Select an area where you want to get an alert, therefore this is no false or unimportant event alert.


  • Alert Sensitivity option:

    • You can select different defined scenarios when motion detection and alert occur
  • 120 Wide-angle:

    • See a wider picture
    • Good for table, celling, and wall


  • Wifi security camera,
  • Hookup accessaries including bracket,
  • lighting cable,
  • charging adapter,
  • retail box
  • user manual
  • Model Number
  • AWT2019TH
  • AWT2019THB

Additional information

Weight .617 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 7.5 × 8.5 cm
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Black, White

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