Portable Bluetooth Speaker 30watt | Long Backup with Louder Bass

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Portable Bluetooth Speaker 30watt 4400Mah Rechargeable Battery

Product Description
Portable Bluetooth Speaker 30watt colors
button control description
HD noise reduction wholesale products pro apex innovative wholesale inc.
Portable Bluetooth Speaker 30watt extra detail show ingenuity wholesale products pro apex innovative wholesale inc.
TWS speakers are connected in series wholesale products pro apex innovative wholesale inc.
Portable Bluetooth Speaker 30watt 90mm double bass wholesale products pro apex innovative wholesale inc.
Portable Bluetooth Speaker 30watt High quality waterproof design, Because it has built-in processing chip, and wireless Bluetooth stable connection. The sound quality is good.
Dual sound unit.  Stereo surround sound, and bass diaphragm. dual horn unit, and continuation of the classic sound.
Built-in strong and large capacity polymer lithium battery, hence long playing time. Recyclable charge and you can charge while using. Wireless blue-tooth streaming, you can be connected to two devices at the same time, take turns to play music
Product Usage
Portable Bluetooth Speaker 30watt different colors


  • Product usage introduction

Humanized design, high volume, cool music accompanying, outdoor convenient blue-tooth speaker

1.Turn on mobilephone blutooth 2.Turn on speaker product switch 3.Mobilephone search for blue tooth pairing 4.After successful connection, you can use this product
  • Description of product use effect

A variety of fashion trend color different style collocation

Blutooth is very convenient to use and the sound quality is very good.

The metal texture of the product is very good and compatible with many music apps on the market

Portable Bluetooth Speaker 30watt 1.2m long shoulder strap easy to carry
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