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LCD Parts For Iphone Xs with digitizer assembly

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  • Digitizer included
  • LCD Panel Included
  • Camera and ear speaker adhesive attached
  • Customer need to swap home button, earpiece and front camera from broken screen.
  • Please test screen before installation for warranty claim


Display screen for iphone with digitizer assembly

  • High quality LCD display and digitizer glass screen assembled for iPhone
  • If your iPhone screen cracked/ unresponsive/ broken, than you should replace the old screen with this new screen
  • This replacement screen does not include the spare parts (front camera, proximity cable, home button, metal shield plate, earpiece speaker), therefore you need to disassemble those parts and assemble to the new screen
  • The Touch ID function will only work with your phone’s original home button assembly.
  • You will need to transfer the button assembly from your old display to retain Touch ID.
  • Step by step and professional instruction will save your big time to replace your old screen easily. 

What happened if purchased product stop working after warranty period?

We provide technical support free of charge for 1 year of all electronics products as possible as free after purchase of goods, but if we visit the location where the product install we charge visiting charges including fuel and transport

Technical Support regarding mobile phone parts may be charged, if any reason we found mistake from customers end.

We try our best to deal only best quality products as price as we are selling. that is the reason we discontinue selling products if we do not find good customers experience or low standard experience of product.

We test and check products one by one in detail, though we have 3 days checking warranty for customer satisfaction. If any issue, we still do our best to solve the product issue after warranty period but not guaranteed

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Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 20 cm

OLED, OEM, Incell


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