Security camera company

difference between Security camera company and surveillance company

Security camera company

Providing security camera equipment with or without installation is what security camera company does. At other and, surveillance camera companies works with contracts. It is paid monthly or yearly plan. They provide monitoring and renting services. Definitely these services are very expensive. How they convince to make contract, is a skill.

Surveillance Company Way of Business:

Most of companies work on monthly or yearly plan. They sometime offer free equipment or free services for couple of month. They have many promotion reimbursement with insurance companies etc. So how they manage every cost of the equipment. They has employees to pay. They have buildings where their expensive employees work. They have huge monthly expense. Cost installation etc. The question is very simple how they get money if they provide free equipment or free monthly services. The answer is very simple as well. They make contract with buyer and understand how much money the client can spend on full contract. They less all their expense and understand how much they can get profit. They think for 5 to 10 years return of investment. The main difference you will see in conclusion.

Security Camera equipment companies:

Most of security equipment companies does not sell equipments directly to consumer. Providing solution to individual is not simple job. It needs lots of skills and workforce. They distribute it through wholesale provider or retail business or surveillance company. Their main job to entertain bulk buyers. The retailer or wholesale or small business do all their job. Quick technical solution, product knowledge, and installation. Definitely they are the best solution in regards of costing and solution. CCTV equipment provider sell product directly to consumers. They sell either full amount or instalment method. But they are not focus on 5 years or 10 years of profit. They do everything on daily, weekly or monthly bases customers.

Following are some key benefit and difference between security camera equipment provider or surveillance company.

  1. Cost:

Surveillance camera company’s’ total product cost is, multiply by 4 or 5 than actual cost of equipment and services, but they provide solution to customer with focusing on monthly spend. Like if one normal security camera system price is $2000 after expenses and profit taking. They quote like just monthly $16.66 only. But don’t focus regarding how long. Or Free Equipment and free installation etc. Same if you talk about security camera companies they sell same product for $500. if you divide $500 with 120 months. It will be $4.16 per month. So profit is $12.5 per month. Security camera companies don’t focus on 10 years or 5 years spending as we know they want cash to flow on daily, weekly or monthly bases.

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2. Services:

Surveillance company provide detail contract with buyer and who read all. After reading, if everything is good. You should get surveillance on time when problem occurs. The security camera company now a days providing cloud services, tf card storage, nvr storage and mobile notification. You have to take care your valuable yourself at the end. If you get services from small business you can get quick solution and approach of technician, the more the big company the delay the services will be because of systematic client solution process.

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3. Extraordinary services:

More the money you spend, you get higher the level of services. Surveillance company provides better and free services regarding maintenance or installation what actually you paid to them in advance via contract. The Retailers mostly charge on demand maintenance or installation.

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