Car Dash Mobile Phone Wireless Charger and infrared holder – High Quality

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Car Dash Mobile Phone Wireless Charger and infrared holder – High Quality

Distracted driver

Distracted driving continues to be a problem in Saskatchewan. It is the number 1 contributing factor in collisions overall and one of the top 3 factors in fatal collisions.

Driving while drowsy is also dangerous, because it reduces your attentiveness and increases the time it takes to react to potential hazards.

Common distractions

The most common driver distractions include:

  • texting
  • using a hand-held electronic device like a cellphone or smartphone
  • eating and drinking
  • talking to passengers
  • grooming
  • reading, including maps
  • using a navigation system or GPS
  • watching a video
  • adjusting a radio, CD or MP3 player
  • smoking
  • pets

According to sgi website

  1. Drivers who are texting are 23 times more likely to be in a collision than those who don’t.
  2. Talking on a cellphone makes the driver 3 to 6 times more likely to be in a collision.

the cost of a first-time ticket will more than double; repeat offenders to pay even more

Drivers in Saskatchewan who make the unsafe decision to drive while distracted will soon be paying more for a ticket, with escalating fines for repeat offences within a 12-month period. Changes take effect Feb. 1, 2020.

Driver distraction or inattention is one of the top causes of collisions, injuries and fatalities on Saskatchewan roads. In 2018, it was a factor in more than 6,000 collisions, 774 injuries and 22 deaths.


Hand-held devices are prohibited for learner, novice and experienced drivers, although experienced drivers can use hands-free functions on mounted devices through voice commands or one-touch.

Item Name: automatic wireless car charger for mobile phones

Model No.:D3Input: 9V 1.67A / 5V 2A

Output current: 5V/1A 9V/1.2A MAX

Output Power: 10Watt

Transmission Distance: 10mm MAX

Wireless Charging Efficiency: 80%

Execution Standard: Qi standard WPC 1.2.3

Working Frequency: 100-150KHZ

Colors: Black

Materials: ABS+PCP

Protection function:  over current, over pressure, over temperature, short circuit protection, foreign matter detection, effective identification of metal interference

Input interface: TYPE-C

Cable: 80m fast charging cable

Compatible: Compatible for all devices with wireless receiver or QI supported devices.

Certificate: CE /ROHS /FCC

Additional information

Weight0.639341 lbs
Dimensions12 × 10 × 9 cm

1 review for Car Dash Mobile Phone Wireless Charger and infrared holder – High Quality

  1. Syed Rizwan Ali

    Awesome tech – trigger automatically for grabbing mobile phone then start wireless charging. different option for hook-up like desktop | windshield | vent etc. c-tupe USB charging cable its easy to use anywhere

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