1080p DoorBell with Chime - Completely Wireless AWT-DPRO2019

$160.00 $134.99 CAD


1080p DoorBell with Chime – Completely Wireless AWT-DPRO2019

$160.00 $134.99 CAD

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1080p DoorBell with Chime – Wireless

Extraordinary Features

  • Completely Wireless (Means No need wired power for charging, its true wireless – put it where no other wired power camera install like pond, tower, top of the building, front door etc)
  • Host Customized Messages (Means you can set customize voice message for visitors – so if you are not at home and delivery guy come to your place he got proper instruction where to put your package)
  • Heavy Duty Rechargeable Batteries Included (4 months estimated backup without charging average 10 trigger per day) (means even you don’t have option to charge camera batteries or no sunlight you the camera still will work unto 4 months without anycharging)
  • 1080p Resolution with 2MP Camera Image (Means clear images when you see live streaming or recorded video from app)
  • High Quality Material (Means long lasting durable material and component use to manufacture this camera like pcb, body, sensor, lens and wires)
  • Slim Size (Mean compact size easy to fit your life style)
  • Mobile View (Means you can view live streaming or recorded video from your own mobile phone by using free app)
  • Night Vision (Means this camera sees even human eye can’t able to see – even in completely dark camera capture video and you can see live streaming in black and white colors)
  • Battery Status (means you can see battery status of camera remotely by your free mobile app)
  • Motion Detection (Means this doorbell is not only video doorbell but works like security camera for your surveillance need)
  • Push Button Video Capture (Means when someone ring your doorbell video recording start and captured video of who is in front of door)
  • Support memory upto 128GB (mean most of security camera support only 32gb memory card, but this camera support unto 128gb memory card – so more memory more footage stored)
  • Cloud storage (optional) (means if you want to store footage directly to cloud server it support with monthly charges)
  • support Alexa (Means if you subscribe monthly cloud storage you can also use this camera for Alexa)


  • Camera Unit x 1
  • 32gb U3 class 10 Memory Card
  • Battery x 2
  • Mount
  • Unique L – Key
  • screws xx
  • lightning cable x 1
  • User Manual

Additional information

Weight 0.908305 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 10.5 × 7 cm
Ships From



1080P, 720P


Apex Innovative Technology


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