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Solar Outdoor Security Camera AWT-OSCam2019 – No Monthly Charges

Solar Outdoor Security Camera

Solar Outdoor Security Camera - Wholesale Products Pro
  • Completely Wireless (it means you do not worry about charging or plug it into utility – The 6800MAH big capacity batteries provide non stop power to the camera. These batteries will be automatically charged by solar panels in the day time. Estimated if 10 triggers per day the battery last for 4 months. That is the reason it is a completely wireless and maintenance-free camera with no monthly charges.
  • Heavy-Duty Rechargeable Batteries Included (4 months estimated backup without charging average 10 triggers per day)
  • Solar Panel for making it completely away from manual charging( it means you have two option if you use this camera indoor you can manually connect power by adapter (universal phone charger) or if you using this camera outside you can connect solar panel comes with it to the worry-free battery charging issue
  • 1080p Resolution with 2MP Camera Image (it means clear high-quality image quality – light adjustment and brighter colors) you feel the difference!
  • High-Quality Material (long-lasting high-quality material with shield cover to protect the camera and give more smooth free security)
  • Slim Size (the small size you can put anywhere – looks awesome – works what you are looking for)
  • Mobile View (now p2p advance feature you can watch and control the camera from anywhere in the world)
  • Night Vision (high-quality clear night vision)
  • Battery Status (you can see on your mobile app the battery status)
  • Scenario selection (Backlight compensation and movement)
  • Support memory up to 128GB (Most of the security camera have 32gb or 64gb memory support only but this high-quality camera support unto 128gb)
  • Cloud storage (optional) (if you looking for a monthly subscription for your storage need to connect your camera with your existing voice assistance devices like Alexa it ready to rumble)
  • support Alexa

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